Executive Concentration and Stamina – Beetroot Juice

Much to their surprise, Team RAC drivers in the British Touring Car Champs said the power smoothies we made them in 2009 produced a noticeable improvement in concentration and stamina. Believe it or not, one of the not-all-that-secret ingredients was beetroot juice.

Here’s the science that explains this result:

A recent study by Professor Andy Jones of Exeter University (Pub. Journal of Applied Physiology) found that beetroot juice made muscles more fuel-efficient, thereby increasing stamina. Test subjects who drank the juice were able to cycle 16% longer before they were tired out. This backs up previous research on the subject with similar stamina-increasing results.

Beetroot juice increase blood nitrate levels and reduced the muscles’ demand for ATP (Adenosine tri-phosphate) – the body’s main energy source in the muscle. It nearly doubled the amount of nitrates and cut the rate at which the muscle uses up energy and oxygen in the Exeter study.

“While our previous research demonstrated the benefits of nitrate-rich beetroot juice on stamina”, Prof. Jones said, “our latest work indicates this is consequent to a reduced energy cost of muscle force production.”

He added, “Since our first study came out we have seen growing interest in the benefits of drinking beetroot juice in the world of professional sport, and I expect this (latest) study to attract more attention from athletes.”

What to do:

Optimising performance in the office and boardroom absolutely requires the creation of additional energy – as much energy as possible, in fact.

Incorporate raw organic beetroot juice into your daily morning regime to maximize your energy and mental clarity and reduce fatigue.

One easy way to do this: our special Power Smoothie recipe – the one we used for the TeamRAC drivers!


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