Shocking Stats from UK, & What the Heck is “VLE”?

By Anne Laing & Tim Bean:

At the recent Corporate Wellness Conference in Chicago, some rather shocking stats from the UK were highlighted in the delegate sessions regarding sickness, absence and disease in UK workers.  It’s costing big business big bucks, and if anything was haemorrhaging money out of the UK economy, having a workforce that’s unwell has got to be one of the first things we need to fix.

But how do you attack this problem when the overall perception held by individuals, business owners and even HR professionals, is that the health, exercise and dietary habits of employees can’t be touched?  In other words “What I do in my own time is none of your business!”

Our view on this is that, in fact, it IS the business of an employer what shape an employee turns up to work in, from the mailboy right through to the Chief Exec!

When sickness, illness, depression, stress, disengagement, mental performance, injury and a myriad of other complaints are a direct result of the habits people have and the shape people keep themselves in – personal lifestyle choices – then of course it’s going to affect the bottom line of the business, the relationships with customers and the value to the shareholders.

It therefore stands to reason, in our view, that if the bottom line, and other functions within the business, are affected, then those people within that business need to be accountable for their performance and contribution (or liability) to that business – whether it’s on the clock, or in their own time!

The answer may come in the form of a robust and effective workplace wellness programme.  Some are good – some are less so, but do you know the one key element that separates the most successful wellness programmes from the “also-rans”?

Watch the video below to find out, and do please leave your thoughts and comments…!

Does Your Shape Undermine Your Credibility…?

By Tim Bean:

They say you have only a matter of seconds to create a great first impression when you meet someone for the first time.  Now, you may well consider yourself to be a thought-leader in your field, a captain of industry or the “Go-to” person in your niche, but does your visible presence adequately support the image you want your clients, colleagues or shareholders to have of you…

You’ve Gotta Look for ’em…!

By Anne Laing

Whilst travelling through the US recently, we were keen to keep up our daily exercise habit wherever we happened to be at the time.  In the lovely city of Richmond, Virginia, we found that something as simple as taking a walk presented an unexpected challenge….Tim picks up the story:

Fuel Up Before You Take Off…

By Anne Laing

When travelling by car, train or plane, it’s just as important to start you day with a good breakfast to top up your energy levels.  But smart timing can be crucial to avoid the pitfalls of ‘travel snacking’, and the risk of undermining your chances of success. Tim jumps in front of the camera again for this lightening-fast travel tip…

Are You Getting Enough…?

By Tim Bean

The government guidelines of eating 5 fruit and vegetables a day are woefully inadequate in my view.  Given that only 20% of the population manage to eat just 1 portion of fresh vegetables a day, there’s a long way to go to drag the nutritional habits of the nation up to scratch.  However if you’re one of those people who have an aggressive approach to improving and optimising your health, the challenge is even greater.  Watch this short video to find out what I recommend – you may be surprised…