Nobody Ever Dies of Old Age…

By Anne Laing –

Dr Tom Mulholland

I have just spent the day in conference with Dr Tom Mulholland. He is a well known New Zealand extreme sports person, TV & Radio doctor, and an emergency room practitioner.

His message was Live Fast – Die Old, because nobody ever dies of old age, they die of disease.

Many of us are eating and drinking ourselves to a preventable early death because we ignore basic maintenance rules and symptoms our body is telling us.

Dying isn’t pretty!  Along with the painful and distressing symptoms of being rushed to hospital on a gurney, he sees grown men suffering from acute heart attacks crying for their mothers, suddenly praying, and not wanting to die.  Women wanting to see their children or desperately mourning for the things they hadn’t achieved.

Yet most of what he sees in the emergency room is preventable and here he gave us some examples of the many fallacies he comes across.

Patients who believe when their time is up, it’s up! People who think they die when their health ‘runs out’. People who won’t change their health profile because they don’t want to change their food or drink choices. People who lie to themselves and others that they eat healthy- but live with expanded waistline telling a different story. Or, as is often the case with men, sheer pig-headed bravado: the notion that preventable healthcare is for sissies.

The human body has fantastic built-in alarm systems like fatigue, poor sleep, lack of concentration, depression, aches and pains, shortness of breath, overweight.  These are often put down to aging. They are not!

He urged us to know our numbers, like a car you can drive hundreds of miles more if it is regularly serviced.

Know your basic numbers:

What is your latest blood pressure?

What is your Cholesterol/ Homocysteine?

What is your blood glucose?

What is your waist circumference?

What is your resting heart rate?

Have you had your moles checked?

Think about it.  Define an age you want to live to and plan for it, just as you would your bank balance, your family or your career.  It is now possible to action a little “course correction” – at any age!

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