Some People Hold On For DAYS…!

By Anne Laing

– ‘Hymn’ is a 20 foot painted bronze body that weighs over six tons, installed outside the Tate Modern Gallery on the South Bank in London. The sculpture, by Damien Hurst, is painted in car paint which allows it to retain the appearance of plastic…

As the artist explains: “It’ll decay, so eventually, what you’ll be left with is this solid bronze man with bits of paint hanging off it.”

In a way this happens to our body’s interior as well, if not maintained!

For example, it has been said that ill-health starts in the bowel.  Find out if your colon is up to speed…


But it IS Rocket Science, Actually…

By Tim Bean

Causes behind the current global pandemic of ill-health and overweight, especially in Westernised, developed countries, are attributed to many things by various experts.

Most argue the case that external and environmental factors are to blame, ranging from climate, toxicity, political policy, advertising and food availability, through to social factors, personal technology and poor role-models.

Yet despite the influence these factors may, or may not, have upon us, when it comes to the food we eat, the exercise we do, the rest we take and the mental approach we adopt, the decisions we make affecting our personal health and wellbeing are ultimately ours.

You simply can’t escape that fact, as I explain in this short clip:

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Can You Eat Too Much Protein?

Q:  I have purchased some protein powder to assist with muscle development and recovery etc., and was wondering if I should be drinking this in a one go or sipping it? Or is there any difference?

A:  If you’ve been putting more work in at the gym then, yes, you’ll definitely need to upload more protein.

Protein powder/shakes are the way to do that in an easily-digestible form, but timing is also important – as your question implies.

The body will go into muscle recovery and rebuilding during, and immediately following, your workout session, so it’s actually crucial to get as much in as you can, as soon as you can.

This means you’ll need to take the whole shake on board within 30 mins of your training session, then drip-feed additional protein in through the day from the meals you eat.  You can sip on it through the workout too.

Can I Have Too Much?

Careful how much protein you upload at once, however, as your body can only make use of about 30-40gms at a time (about 2 scoops, usually). Any more than that and you’ll end up with a surplus you can’t make use of all at once, which will get converted into glucose.

This goes into the bloodstream and you’ll either use it as energy – the main premise of the Atkins diet – or you’ll store it as fat.

The best protein shake is made with water, not milk, for fastest absorption, and be careful the formula you’re using doesn’t have Aspartame or Acesulfame K (potassium), as these artificial sweeteners have been linked to brain tumours.

Which Type is Best?

Whey protein is the most commonly available product, but you need to be careful in selecting the right type.  Medical Health Guru Dr Joseph Mercola (USA) provides a really in-depth assessment of whey protein HERE.

Good breakfast sources of fast dietary protein are organic free-range eggs (so a 3-egg omelette would be good), cottage cheese (a 250g pottle has about 32g protein – same as a fillet steak) baked beans or thick Greek yoghurt (low-fat, naturally!)

What’s the Formula?

Protein guidelines for active men is to take 1.5g protein per kilo of lean bodymass per day, and an active woman would take on about 1g protein per kg of lean mass per day.  So if I weighed 100kg with bodyfat level of, say 20%, my lean mass would be 80kg.  Therefore I should be getting in about 1.5 x 80 = 120g protein per day.

Because you can only absorb about 30g per sitting, I’d need to spread that over 4 meals, one of which would be my shake taken straight after (or during) the workout.

You can also supplement with BCAA’s – or Branch Chain Amino Acids – instead of a shake, or if any of your meals happen to be low in protein.