Exercise – It’s Not All It Seems…

Exercise Myth:  If you’re not losing weight, there’s clearly no benefit in persisting with putting yourself through the pain of all that exercise.  Is there?

Fact:  It’s not uncommon for people who don’t see immediate weight-loss results to consider giving up on their exercise routine.

Yes, we’ve heard it all before; calories in, calories out.  Burn more than you eat, and you’ll lose the pounds. So if the weight isn’t shifting, then all that boring exercise isn’t working, right?

Not exactly – there’s more going on underneath than you probably realise…

By exercising we reduce our risk of developing a multitude of illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease, and can improve triglycerides, bone density and muscle tone.

By improving the skeletal muscles we also improve our everyday insulin sensitivity, therefore balancing blood sugar levels – and mood!

A good bout of exercise reduces stress and helps balance daily cortisol release which, in turn lowers high blood fats and helps keep the arteries clear.

Exercise makes the detoxification cycle run faster in the body, keeping the brain clearer and improving liver insulin sensitivity. (Although not if you keep drinking alcohol (Ethanol-sugar) regularly!)

The psychological benefits of a good workout have always proven to boost confidence and give relief to both depression and anxiety.

So all of these things are actually helping your body become more metabolic, more efficient and more effective at staying healthy, strong and lean.

Even if weight-loss is not occurring right this instant, remember that exercise gives us benefits far beyond what we may, or may not, see just on the surface…

– Anne Laing