Don’t Come Back Fat

By Tim Bean

Three times in as many days I’ve spoken with both men and women who have resigned themselves to various amounts of weight-gain over the holiday period.

It seems to be an inevitability.  A given.  A side-effect of getting on a plane.

All year round they’ve struggled to get to the gym, organise their food or control their eating & drinking because:

a) The children have to be dropped at school at the same time the only exercise class they want to go to is scheduled…

b) They have to be out the door before the rush-hour traffic, and get home late because of the rush-hour traffic…

c) Client dinners mean they have to eat late and drink wine…

So leaving all of these pressures behind should allow you to focus on everything you can’t seem to get on top of at home, right?

Apparently not.  Because now you’re on holiday.

Seriously?  NOW is the perfect time to get on top of your exercise and nutrition in an environment that will really allow you to get ahead on this.  If you decide to make a bit of an effort here, you could come back relaxed, tanned…and several pounds lighter!

All it takes is a little thought and effort.  For example, what’s the first thing you should do when you check-in at your destination (Hint: It isn’t “Go to the bar”).

Whilst on a recent speaking trip to Cancun, we came up with some ideas to help you get organised from the minute you arrive:


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