University for a Smaller Waist and a Bigger Brain…

Weight Management University 101!WMU101

The Institute of Physique Management (IoPM), London, has recently launched a new on-line 12-week weight management education course, Weight Management University 101.

The programme was created by New Zealanders: International longevity presenter Tim Bean, and weight loss and anti-ageing guru Anne Laing. Their goal is to educate driven people interested in changing their habits and adopting a long-term healthy lifestyle.

Through running their own health clubs, and experiencing firsthand the pain that misinformation and commercial marketing agendas have caused in their clients’ lives, they have created an entire lifestyle plan that focuses on long-term health and shape in a convenient, affordable and interactive package.

“Education is the missing link,” said Anne Laing, IoPM founder.

WMU101 provides streamed animated video content, plus downloadable PDF’s, Webpage text and downloadable podcast versions. It means anyone can access it at any time – pick–up/put-down format, in your own time, and at your own pace, with self-testing along the way to increase engagement and efficiency.

Tim and Anne also offer bonus content including a collection of their most popular delicious healthy recipes, hot weight-loss tips, a 7-Day Revolving Diet Plan, and 24/7 helpline facility.

“I feel so much healthier and I have so much more energy – my body is now completely adapted.  I don’t miss my old habits and eating out or with friends is no problem now I know what I need to order.  I went to buy a dress the other day and I thought I’d come down from a Large size to a Medium.  The Assistant said, “No madam, you need to try on a ‘Small’ size”, but I didn’t believe her.  I tried on the Medium but it was way too big – so now I’m wearing the Small size and loving it!” – Rebecca, 35, London

As you progress through this 12-week course, you will cut through the fluff and discover the real science behind effective weight management, health maintenance and optimal ageing!  Learn more!      Sign up today!


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