The One Surprising Thing About Man…

By : Anne Laingdalailama

Hard Edge Rule #20: Have a budget for your body, just as you would for the future of your business, or career. 

The one thing you cannot forget is that you can pay for wellness (with well-chosen food, the right exercise, wholefood-based supplements and on-going knowledge)….

or you can pay for healthcare and disease (with downtime, feeling wretched, prescription medications, side effects, surgical procedures, doctor’s visits, time off work).

Either way, you’re going to have to spend money — it’s just a matter of whether that money will actually keep you vital, energetic and on top of your game, or merely extend your ‘vertically-ill’ existence…..?

*If losing weight is one of your personal health missions, check out our on-line weight management programme here: I think you’ll find the information incredibly useful, and it will certainly change the way you understand how your body really works…!*


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