Just When You Were Worried You’d Outlive Your Pension…

It’s awesome to know that in this day and age, we’re all living fitter, healthier and LONGER, right?
Well that’s what we’ve been TOLD – however at a recent Medical Anti-Ageing Conference we attended here in London, a surprising fact emerged…..

What to Do?

Our Number One tip is Lift Weights – research demonstrates time and again that STRONG people stay Young. Many people who are assigned to care homes and facilities have nothing medically wrong with them – they’re simply FRAIL. Maintaining your functional independence depends on remaining strong, mobile and agile as you age. Studies also show that Strength Training can help defeat low mood, and may be as effective in treating depression as the default medication!

Are You Torching Fat – or Muscle..?

By Tim Bean –

If you have a sedentary job and thinking of introducing exercise into your daily routine – that’s a great move. But it’s important to get the right balance.

New research has added strength to the case for adding strength to your frame, by lifting heavy weights…

So, When Does the Band Get Here…?

Your Body is one of the most incredibly complex and marvellously capable organisms on the planet, comprising a multitude of functions and systems that ensure everything works and operates in sync.

Get it right and you can look forward to many decades of great health, energy and capacity for life. Get it wrong, however, and the consequences can be dire.

Here are three quick tips to help you stay in great shape for the journey…

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Wouldn’t it be Great if You Could Bottle THIS…!

Imagine if you could store all the fitness, strength and energy you ever built up from your activities when younger – from sports, the gym, outdoor activities – and use that to protect yourself from becoming older, slower, weaker, sicker and fatter as you age…?

Unfortunately, as Tim reports from London, it doesn’t quite work out that way…

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A Proven Formula That Will Never Change…

image001By Anne Laing

With the London marathon looming ever closer, and for those of you who simply love exercise, I want to remind you of an old, yet very persistent, myth….

“As long as you’re training hard, it does not matter what you eat.”

Realistically, there is just no way that someone can train hard on a poor diet, and still keep their health – even those who say they can do it through having good genetics!

Retired athletes, who have never learned how to follow a sound nutrition plan, typically balloon out to monstrous proportions once exercise has been reduced or removed from their daily regime.

Nutrition will always be 80%, and workouts will always be the 20%, of time and effort you need to assign to staying in shape– and staying healthy.

But having said that, the 20% of exercise is not negotiable… ‘It’s the gold in a metal ring.’

It is part of the whole package and this is what’s really necessary for long-term strength, body shape, a sharp mind, and excellent internal health, no matter what age you are.

We have talked about the 4 simple things necessary for a remarkable body transformation for years and years now. Here they are once again –

1. Nutrition (diet, food intake, supplementation)

2. Strength and/or Resistance Training (free weights, machines, bodyweight training)

3. Cardiovascular work (intervals, sprints, strategic aerobic exercise)

4. Hormonal balance (keeping track of, and optimising, your hormones as you age)

This is a proven formula that will NEVER change. Nobody can mindlessly eat just anything, maintain a great physique, and hope to keep their health. It just does not happen…

“Eat Clean, Train Dirty”.

Exercise – It’s Not All It Seems…

Exercise Myth:  If you’re not losing weight, there’s clearly no benefit in persisting with putting yourself through the pain of all that exercise.  Is there?

Fact:  It’s not uncommon for people who don’t see immediate weight-loss results to consider giving up on their exercise routine.

Yes, we’ve heard it all before; calories in, calories out.  Burn more than you eat, and you’ll lose the pounds. So if the weight isn’t shifting, then all that boring exercise isn’t working, right?

Not exactly – there’s more going on underneath than you probably realise…

By exercising we reduce our risk of developing a multitude of illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease, and can improve triglycerides, bone density and muscle tone.

By improving the skeletal muscles we also improve our everyday insulin sensitivity, therefore balancing blood sugar levels – and mood!

A good bout of exercise reduces stress and helps balance daily cortisol release which, in turn lowers high blood fats and helps keep the arteries clear.

Exercise makes the detoxification cycle run faster in the body, keeping the brain clearer and improving liver insulin sensitivity. (Although not if you keep drinking alcohol (Ethanol-sugar) regularly!)

The psychological benefits of a good workout have always proven to boost confidence and give relief to both depression and anxiety.

So all of these things are actually helping your body become more metabolic, more efficient and more effective at staying healthy, strong and lean.

Even if weight-loss is not occurring right this instant, remember that exercise gives us benefits far beyond what we may, or may not, see just on the surface…

– Anne Laing