A Good Feeling in Your Gut…


Ever since probiotics became popular, the market has been FLOODED with products that are weak, under-spec’d and often barely effective.

We subscribe to Consumer Labs, an independent testing laboratory, which recently ran a test on 43 different probiotic brands. And of the 43 probiotics they tested, many of them contained only HALF of the amount of live bacteria that the label claimed. So you might be paying $40 for a probiotic, but only getting half the value you thought!

Maybe it would be better to source natural, full-strength probiotics by regularly eating fermented foods…?

Here’s a list of the 10 healthiest fermented foods and vegetables that will get your gut biome really working well (in no particular order – they’re all good!):

1.  Kefir. Kefir is a fermented milk product (cow, goat or sheep milk) that tastes like a drinkable yogurt
2.  Kombucha
3.  Sauerkraut
4.  Pickles
5.  Miso
6.  Tempeh
7.  Natto
8.  Kimchi
9.  Raw cheese, made with goats milk, or un-pasteurised sheeps milk
10.  Bio-live unsweetened yogurt

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From Someone Who Knows How it Feels…

Pasta and wine By Alonna Laing. Farmers feed grain to stock to fatten them.  It fattens humans too. Luckily stock meet their end before the mid to long-term effects of grain consumption kick in. Grain-fed humans end up with cancer, dementia, arthritis, high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity – just to name a few. Starting a family at 38, and now 43, I am leaner, healthier and have more energy than ever before.  Can you say the same? Sugar and grain free…

Some People Hold On For DAYS…!

By Anne Laing

– ‘Hymn’ is a 20 foot painted bronze body that weighs over six tons, installed outside the Tate Modern Gallery on the South Bank in London. The sculpture, by Damien Hurst, is painted in car paint which allows it to retain the appearance of plastic…

As the artist explains: “It’ll decay, so eventually, what you’ll be left with is this solid bronze man with bits of paint hanging off it.”

In a way this happens to our body’s interior as well, if not maintained!

For example, it has been said that ill-health starts in the bowel.  Find out if your colon is up to speed…