The Hard Edge Programme

For corporations and professionals in the business of brainpower.

Are you in the business of brainpower?

  • Do smart investment and trading decisions drive shareholder value for your firm?
  • Does fast thinking in the courtroom and the boardroom win the day for your clients?
  • Are inspiration, creativity and innovation your raw materials?
  • Is cerebral capital your greatest competitive advantage?

Your success depends on fine-tuning the connection between the brain and the body – because what happens from the neck up depends on how well you take care of the body from the neck down.

Tim Bean and Anne Laing founded The Hard Edge executive longevity programme for professionals and corporations in the business of brainpower. Through bespoke programmes, intensives and workshops, and videos and books, you learn the art and science of fine-tuning those marvellously capable, amazingly complex machines: your brain and body.

Your executives are like race car drivers.

Important decisions, with big implications, in what feels like split seconds. They’ve got to tune their physical and mental abilities to meet what’s coming around the corner at 300 km/h.

They live in pressure-cookers – and they wouldn’t have it any other way. Yet performing at this level long-term requires

  • Best-practice strategies that fine-tune the body and brain for peak performance
  • Proven tools and techniques to overcome the stresses of internal competition and conflict, long-haul travel, leadership pressures, geographic displacement, family commitments and the loneliness of command.

Actually, it is rocket science.

We know from years of experience that the usual one-size-fits all approach does not work at this level.

Senior executives face unique and supremely challenging work and home demands that require individually tailored programmes and strong hands-on mentoring and coaching.

Our customised programmes blend group education and individual coaching and mentoring to ensure that each member of your management team receives an effective, efficient and completely individualised personal health strategy, including comprehensive “State of Your Health” metrics, individually coached exercise programmes, thorough training in high-achiever nutrition, and essential strategies for stress management, rest and recovery.

We share advanced content, techniques and strategies – the same ones we’ve used with leading investment banks, law firms and others around the globe – to protect and enhance your irreplaceable competitive advantage: your Cerebral Capital